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Vanilla Bean-Speculoos Cookie Sandwich: First Successful Edible with CannaCoconut Oil

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Hello Everyone or No one . . . First ever post for A Different Strain. Decided to show off my first homemade edible that I made from my first infused CannaCoconut Oil. (maybe my first post should have been the oil - oooooo foreshadowing)

Anywho, these babies are Vanilla Bean Speculoos Sandwich Cookies. I belong to Universal Yums, which is a monthly snack box subscription. I was left with alot of these cookies hanging around and really wanted to make something that I would be proud to show off. I stupidly decided to go with real vanilla bean icing, making these uber easy cookies uber expensive. YOLO.


Each sandwich is 1.85mg in hopes that you could eat a couple for a sweet treat during the day leaving you with the feeling like you can conquer your day with a smile that is that much bigger.

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