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Who I am

My name is Danielle Strain. I am a mother of 2, recently laid-off after 14 years of working at the Food Network trying to navigate through this next chapter of life - so why not make some edibles. After finally getting my medical marijuana card in NJ, I decided I wanted to make edibles that I could eat and walk away feeling satiated.

Thanks to an awesome recommendation from the manager at my dispensary, I now prefer to make my own cannaoil infusions with my handy Levo 2 you see here in this photo. Knowing my dosage sweet spot is between 5-8mg THC, you'll find most of my creations are low enough in THC so that I can eat all of the things.

I'm Italian and Irish - that means I can eat and drink. Enjoy the ride with me and remember - it's A Different Strain!

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