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Crinkle Carrot Cake Cookie for you, a crinkle for me . . .

(whenever I come up with my titles for these posts, I sing them in my head because everything is better in song)

It's been a while since I created a new recipe, which explains the non-existent posts in like 4 months - life happens. I've fallen into making the same bars/gummies/cookie sandwiches because I am happy with their textures, flavors, etc.

A friend of mine who partakes in my edibles with me loves carrot cake, but I wasn't ready to make 1 cake that had to be precisely cut to "x" size, so I went the easy route with these crinkle cookies. Its a basic carrot cake recipe with added golden raisins and vanilla bean paste because I like texture and uber flavorful foods. If I'm gonna eat the calories, it better be worth it.

These came out pretty good. A touch sweet, thanks to the added powdered sugar, but I'm okay with that because each cookie came out to be 8mg/each of strong stuff. And here's why . . . .

How I executed the cannabis portion: I used a distillate for the first time, of which I was honestly not prepared to use in my food. In hindsight - I wish I warmed the oil needed for the recipe with the distillate to evenly disperse. I had to overmix these cookies like crazy to make sure the cannabis was as evenly distributed as possible. 1/4 teaspoon had 350mg in it and I only need 8mg max - so I needed to make sure this was mixed real good. Once I figured out the math, portioning was easy.

Experience-wise: distillate is no joke and I now get it as an easy option. It was an even keeled experience that does hit you strongly, so I really only needed half a cookie and had a chill experience! I am thankful for this "new medium" of cannabis experience with the distillate and that I can relay that here for those who even read this! Would I use it again, maybe? I do still prefer to make my own infused oils since its so easy, but I happy to know this option exists! I don't know what strain was used in this particular product was my only hiccup so I could look into the flavors, terpenes, etc. to follow through on my Different Strain experience, but it is what it is!

Talk soon,


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