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Two Tone Gummies and a Milligram

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

I had every intention of making this gummy look more like a watermelon since the flavors are sour watermelon and apple, but alas the green apple did not pop. Happy accident though . . . when you look at the gummies just right, they look like the perfect fall leaf, autumn colors blended together so well resulting in a pleasant illusion so I'll take it.

And with the fancy-ass edible glitter . . . Swedish chef's kiss. (I'm now realizing that whoever manned the Swedish chef was probably a pothead.)

I am very proud of the texture (soft and chewy like a vita-gummy) and of the flavor (sour enough tha

t makes you want more) plus I feel like I have nailed this recipe. Best part, these came in at just under 1 mg/piece so I get to each a nice handful!

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