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Brownie Cookies/Crisps - Bet You Can't Eat Just One (but you really should only eat just one)

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

These are Brownie Cookies or Crisps . . . depends on the day and here's why:

I've made these 3 different times and have made some amateur mistakes. You'd never know I worked at the Food Network as a Culinary Producer for 10+ years because I'm terrible at following even my own recipes - I am a fraud (or as my alter ego likes to say - "I like going down a different path each time I cook").

For whatever reason I choose to make these very easy cookies at night - which is probably my first mistake. I am assuming I do this, not just because the kids are asleep, but possibly because I'm trying to create the same ambiance in my kitchen as when I'd like to eat them. Alone. In my quiet kitchen. Treating myself.

Any who - first misstep in this easy adventure . . . . I forgot to set a timer. See what I mean, rookie mistake. Each of the cookies had 3mg THC in them so I wasn't about to let them go to waste and decided to change the name to "Brownie Crisps" because they weren't inedible just not what I had intended. This minor change made me feel better - as if the texture was done on purpose. HA!

The second mistake happened last night. Once again, I set the mood for myself with minimal lighting over the stovetop/under the cabinets so there was a very relaxed vibe going on. I'm like "I've made this recipe before, this will be easy". I decided to go right ahead and start making them - not looking at my notes from my last pass. I pour. I mix. I scoop. I bake. While they are baking is when I decide to look at my notes so I can accurately calculate the THC mg/cookie. Turns out I used a scoop that was double the size of what I had originally intended - going from about 3mgTHC/cookie to 8mgTHC/cookie. In the words of late great Alex Trebek when he saw a large wager on final Jeopardy . . . "oh hello!"

Thankfully they came out more like chewy cookies (top pic) vs the crisps (bottom pic). Regardless of how they are cooked, it really is hard to eat just one. Who doesn't love a brownie. (I say that as a statement because I don't think I would ever understand someone who doesn't).

I've made this with variations including thin mints and reconstituted dried cherries because I like subtle layering of flavors. I will add to this post when I make more variations and if you have any ideas, please shout! I'm not really a dessert-making person, but these are super simps and taste good - so why not!

This is made with the high THC potency Super Lemon Haze because it was what I had on hand - which is known for its tart and spicy taste. I'm going to try to do better about my edible making and pairing with strains so I can try to highlight each plants' flavor strengths. Because - It's A Different Strain!

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