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Adult Snack Pack Yummy Gummy or Choose Your Own Adventure

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

I've really been enjoying making these because it reminds me of my creative days at Food Network; thinking about how to take something like a simple gummy and how to elevate or make it that much more eye catching to the viewer. What you see here is a combination of blue raspberry and watermelon gummy leaves. They have a slightly sour flavor to make you think "okay that's a fun party in my mouth" and are dusted with a touch of edible gold leaf to make them sparkle, which allows the detail of the cannabis leaf to shine.

Each gummy is .85mg high potency THC, made with the sativa-dominant Bubblegum strain. This particular strain is known for its euphoric, elevating and energizing effects.

My goal with this low dosage is so that you can have a solid treat at any point in the day - whether it be a micro-dose, addition to another edible or a solid adult snack pack; hence the title "choose your own adventure". It's A Different Strain.

(Here are some other variations made - ranging from .85 to 1mg per piece!)

Sour Apple, Red Raspberry/Green Apple, Blue Raspberry!

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